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The last decade's music will live forever

posted 8 Aug 2010, 10:19 by Unknown user   [ updated 23 Aug 2010, 03:32 ]

Why does that old song instantly make you feel good and make you start to shuffle your feet? Why does the smell of fish and chips remind you of Friday nights sitting outside the local pub with the kids on the swings? The Theory of Human Excellence can tell you why! New studies have explained that things we smell or hear are woven deeply within our memories and associated with that particular time, place or person. This fundamental concept is deep within the main principles of the Theory of Human Excellence.

Retrieving one memory triggers the others. This explains why a whiff of a particular type of perfume reminds us instantly of the person we know who used it. Just as a particular sound, like an old record can spin us back in time to re-live all the positives at that era.  Neuro science has now told us that sight, sound and smell memories are woven together in associated memories making the sensory parts of our brain function as one. THE utilises this basic brain function of how we think within the theory and the fact that when one memory is recalled or used as a stimulus, other related memories flood out.

Our recollections however are not always how it was or truly accurate. The brain cleverly only remembers the good times – it wears rose tinted glasses. Studies have shown that no matter how badly we have been hurt in the past, that we only recall the positive memories. We forget the feeling of the broken heart in the week-end disco. We forget the bad weather or queuing for a taxi for hours to get home. We only remember the good times we had with close friends and enjoying life. Again, this patchy recall needs to be taken into account when thinking about how information is recalled at work, which is covered within the theory’s section on decisions and forgetting.

This concept of associated recall is why the ‘re-live the previous decade’ type discos are so popular and everyone seems so lively and happy when at them. Everyone remembering all their close friends, strange fashions and old flames that dominated their lives all associated with the music of the era. So, it not just the seventies music that will live on, or the eighties or nineties depending on your age .. our children will also have their own ‘re-live the good-times’ discos. It well may sound like it is from another World to us rather than music but they, like us, will all be re-living their youth!

Ref: Role of Secondary Sensory Cortices in Emotional Memory Storage and Retrieval in Rats," by T. Sacco; B. Sacchetti at University of Turin in Turin, Italy; B. Sacchetti at National Institute of Neuroscience in Turin, Italy. Science, Aug 6, 2010.

Terry Wilcox
Theory of Human Excellence