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THE Enlightenment Lecture - Regent's School, Pattaya

posted 21 Oct 2010, 23:42 by Unknown user   [ updated 21 Oct 2010, 23:49 ]

Terry Wilcox, the founder of the Theory of Human Excellence (THE), presented during the Enlightenment series of lectures to selected students at The Regent's School, Pattaya Campus. This lecture provided a basic introduction to the human brain. The main focus of the lectures is 'enhancing learning skills' that could boost an individuals performance and improve their ability to complete every day tasks.

The lecture covered topics such as brain plasticity and how this allows the brain to constantly change. How, through regular exercise, good food, adequate sleep and systematic thought, the brain can be developed. The students used plasticine to model the brain, reinforcing their memory of a constantly changing and growing mind. Also covered during the lecture were demonstrations of how the body's sensory inputs are combined with memories to form a picture of the real world and how this can be altered or tricked by illusions. To help understand the way the brain rewards itself, volunteer students performed practical experiments to help demonstrate both the individual and social human reward mechanism. This topic helped students to understand how motivation works and how to help each other succeed when in teams.

The lecture also covered how mirror neurons make humans follow other people's behaviour patterns like laughing or yawning, plus several accelerated learning techniques to help the students remember content. The final elements of the lecture covered how to raise performance levels when completing any task by using positive self-talk and visualisation techniques. Many practical experiments or alternative learning methods were incorporated to ensure the lecture was unlike their normal learning environment. An example of this is that all the PowerPoint slides had virtually no words and contained only relevant pictures or images. this helped the students to remember that humans actually don't think in words - but pictures. This also greatly aided their comprehension of the subject matter.

Feedback from the students was extremely positive. They found the content both interesting and useful. The general opinion was that the knowledge provided should allow them to improve how they learn, improve how they remember and help them achieve a higher level of performance. In fact, the lecture was so well received that Terry has been requested to conduct the same lecture at the earliest opportunity for the reminder of the student body.

If your organisation is interested in having a lecture on the theory then please contact terrywilcox@theoryofexcellence.org.