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Take your dogs to the beach to increase your IQ!

posted 21 Oct 2010, 23:41 by Unknown user   [ updated 22 Oct 2010, 00:04 ]
Do you want to increase your intelligence? The Theory Of Human Excellence (THE) is founded upon the latest neuro-scientific research and helps explain how humans learn, think and behave with one of the key elements of the theory being ways to boost brain power. The founder of THE, Terry Wilcox, recommends walking the dog on the beach as one of the best ways to help boost intelligence as recent neurological research confirms you will receive three brain boosts all at once! It also reduces stress and helps promote healthy living.

It is widely recognised that petting a dog reduces stress and stimulates the brain to release its 'feel good hormones'. This has resulted in visits of Therapy Dogs to hospitals becoming a common event all over the world to help patients recover and heal. These “magical doggy moments” change lives and help improve both emotional state and the effectiveness of the human brain. But you don’t have to be sick to benefit from this interaction – anyone’s brain can benefit from playing with a pet. Another way to affect the brain in a positive manner is walking. It is now known that this is a good way to improve intelligence as it increases blood flow to the brain increasing the neural connections promoting new learning, memory improvements and cognitive power. So, walking the dog will achieve both these brain boosts.

However, a third way to increase the brains performance that can be combined with walking the dogs has recently been discovered. Neuroscientists have revealed through fMRI scans that viewing picturesque environmental scenes of natural features such as the ocean cause distinct brain areas to become "connected" with one another. They also found that man-made environments, such as highways, disrupt brain connections. Dr. Michael Hunter of the University of Sheffield's Cognition and Neuroimaging Laboratory and colleagues at the Institute of Medicine and Neuroscience at Julich, Germany, carried out functional brain scanning at the University of Sheffield to examine brain activity when people were presented with images of tranquil beach scenes and non-tranquil highway scenes. The natural scenes caused brain areas to work in sync, whereas the man-made environment had a disruptive affect. Therefore Terry Wilcox recommends that to gain the maximum tonic for your brain, combine all three types of boost – walk your dogs on the beach or in the country-side. Maybe even sit petting them whilst the sun sets. A sure guarantee of a brain boost combined with stress reduction. Terry Wilcox is founder of the Theory of Human Excellence has two Dalmatians – Domino and Bingo. They get several walks a day either on the beach or in the countryside. He is recognised by all that know him as full of ideas, always comes up with a solution, and immense enthusiasm for all he does. He puts this down to the thinking when walking his dogs. His two dogs have not asked for a share of his salary as they are happy to just get a regular bonus of a biscuit, bone or chew.