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Neuro research changing the marketing landscape

posted 9 Aug 2010, 04:43 by Unknown user   [ updated 24 Aug 2010, 23:08 ]

Large companies are starting to realise that understanding how the human brain operates and thinks can have a very positive effect on end sales. Nowhere is this more critical than in the world of consumer marketing. Previously, marketing campaigns for new products would include pre-launch  feedback from a typical target audience to understand their reaction to the marketing of the new product. Colours, slogans, packaging, adverts, smells, tastes, plus many other things could be tested by asking the target audience for their feedback. This was done by them either completing a questionnaire or providing verbal feedback sometimes within a group discussion. The results could be somewhat average and difficult to understand.

Companies are now turning to new neuro-scientific methods to gain a better understanding of their poten tial customer’s reaction. They are starting to employ functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) testing, which has taken the feedback to a whole new level. Using these scans they are capturing the test subjects' actual brainwave activity. They can measure and analyse their responses to different aspects of the product. By monitoring brainwave activity across the full brain, scientists are able to measure the immediate and subconscious reaction to various products. These include: Attention, Emotional Engagement, Memory Retention, Overall Effectiveness, Purchase Intent, Novelty, and Awareness.

By discovering how well something like a magazine cover, the box on a new perfume, the wrapper on a chocolate bar scores in each of these areas, neuro-scientists can help companies to select the correct visual stimulus which is most likely to capture our interest and appeal to potential buyers at the deep subconscious level. The same technology can be applied to a wide range of areas to discover the strength of subconscious responses that they generate in the brain.

This 21st century marketing science is increasingly being used across numerous industries worldwide to help companies improve their product development, package design, and marketing efforts. The practical applications are very wide ranging and will have a massive impact on the future of product marketing and new launches in many, many different industries.

Terry Wilcox

Theory of Human Excellence