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How is your cooler talk?

posted 8 Aug 2010, 07:33 by Unknown user   [ updated 23 Aug 2010, 03:34 ]

Our own brains our continually talking to us all day and every day, even while we sleep. It is chatting away to itself constantly having about 50,000 thoughts throughout a typical day. These thoughts are known as ‘self-talk’ and are either negative or positive. Self-talk consequently has a direct effect on both our mood, what we do, how we perform plus the way we life our life.

Professional athletes are fully aware of using ‘self-talk’ in helping themselves to prepare for competitions and maximise their performance. They continually tell themselves how well they are going to perform, what the need to do to win, and how they are going to overcome any obstacles in front of them. They convince themselves that they are the best, the fastest, the strongest, and that they can do whatever is required to dominate or win.  Negative self talk has exactly the opposite effect and demoralises people, diminishes self esteem, and leads to a poor level of output. Both forms are infectious amongst colleagues, friends or family.

Although self-talk is a very personal thing, it can effect others and more importantly it is not just related to sports

. It can have a major impact on your career. If you talk negatively about your work, your company, your colleagues, your boss, a project or strategy that your company is following, this will again influence the outcome. You may not have a direct responsibility for the area but if you are ‘talking it down’ at the water cooler or anywhere that colleagues congregate then your ‘company talk' is impacting the outcome, even if only indirectly by influencing others. So, be careful on your ‘negative company talk’ and stay positive. Voice the way to success. Give your support and talk about the good things when you meet your colleagues. This may also have the added bonus that they see you as a positive person with bags of energy plus, we all like those positive happy types more than the ‘dark and gloomy’ ones. So, talk positively at the water cooler starting today.    

 THE utilises both self talk within the decision and learning principles to help set goals and achieve given tasks. It is also used to overcome obstacles and helps to cement a script or process into the memory. Company talk is used within the business application of THE for team building and achieving projects or implementing change. It is a fundamental part of leadership and positive thinking in the workplace. If any company wants to build or nurture a happy, healthy company they need to promote good company talk.

Terry Wilcox

Theory of Human Excellence