Truly innovative organisations are more agile, more successful and more profitable than the norm. However, many of today's innovation theories  don’t take any account of new insights gained from recent research in areas such as cognition, chaos theory, genetics or evolution. Consequently, they are incomplete, possibly conflicting, definitely not

integrated and totally out of date. The Theory of Excellence (THE) is different! THE has innovated innovation bring it into the 21st Century.THE provides a complete and integrated framework for innovation from strategy to task optimisation. It provides an entirely new management philosophy based upon natural creativity principles derived from the dynamics and forces of evolution, together with a unique model that delivers a whole new perspective to innovation. No other approach or innovation theory is as comprehensive or complete or delivers such diverse ideas or solutions.

Along with the innovation framework, an assessment is offered that is a comprehensive tool designed to highlight the strengths and weakness within an organisation’s approach. All aspects of the innovation strategy, culture, process, supports systems, portfolio and measurements are incorporated. A comprehensive analysis of the current innovation organisational circumstances is provided at the end of the assessment. This takes the form of a presentation regarding the Theory of

Excellence’s new innovation theory along with key indicators of the organisation’s position highlighting any GAPs and inhibitors. A list of over three hundred innovation stimulators is also provided to implement fresh ideas helping to generate the correct environment to nurture creativity which and to generate revenue or reduce cost.

The Theory of Excellence Innovation Assessment enables you to unlock the creative talents of your people building an innovative organisation that welcomes and initiates change. For more information on THE’s Innovation Assessment contact