Introducing THE

Theory of Excellence (THEprovides a completely integrated and natural framework for all aspects of business – from strategy to task optimization. THE incorporates the very latest research and discoveries in areas such as Neurology, Genetics, Cognition, Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Biology & Psychology.

Within the last ten years there has been an immense number of scientific breakthroughs regards the function and architecture 
of the human brain such as neuro-plasticity, mirror neurons, the dopamine reward circuits, brain coordination dynamics and 
functional connection networks that couple areas of the brain together to deliver the required cognition. As a result of this research, new rational for behaviour has been revealed that is among the most significant intellectual developments for the human species in the last century. 

Most management theories in use today don’t take account of this new knowledge and are purely based upon analysing behaviour by watching the outcome or the action taken. It is now essential that these new discoveries are integrated into all current management techniques. To achieve this,THE takes this new cognitive research, along with other new findings in areas such as evolutionary discoveries, chaos theory, animal behaviour and provides an entirely new framework, together with a unique set of principles and models delivering a whole new suite of management strategies all based purely natural aspects. These include a Universal Profiling Model for behavioural or personality analysis that promotes Advanced Integrated Decisions (AID), a complete and comprehensive Innovation map based on evolutionary innovation sources, a Human Cognitive Framework that defines the key influences that effect the brains performance, a Nature of Teams model to help understand and promote collaboration, the Dynamics of Excellence to improve general performance at any task, a Cognitive Load Template to assist with change management programs, plus several other frameworks to enhance or improve existing management theories. Adopting and applying the different elements of THE will have a dramatic impact on the productivity and efficiency in the workplace engendering a new mind set within the organisation and embedding a culture based on sustainability and working with nature. 

THE is especially suitable for organisations who want to achieve sustainability through the adoption of a complete set of natural core principles including areas such as innovation; personality profiling to match employees with the appropriate roles and task; or directing training programmes including altering content with respect to a learning styles inventory; introducing change or productivity improvements such as business optimisation projects; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software deployments; management programs to introduce cultural change; business alignment or operational improvements assignments. THE ensures that any improvement project focuses, not just upon the upon the ‘technical plan’ that lists the steps to achieve the goal, but upon developing the appropriate improvement in human cognition naturally. It also considers the cognitive propensity of the person actually involved in the process in terms of their experience, learning style and cognitive abilities, plus takes account of the consequences of change or their need to hone new skills. 

all levels of an organisation and its people from the top level executives helping to formulate a coherent and natural business strategy down to optimising the lowest level attributes of a single process (see THE taxonomy for further detail). At an operational level, THE assists by providing a personal development methodology to boost employee performance or team collaboration and ensures that innovation is a continuous process.

THE thereby delivers a complete management framework that integrates the latest developments regards our knowledge of the human brain with best practice management principles. This delivers both organisational and individual excellence naturally. For further information on using Theory of Human Excellence within your organisation contact