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As the Theory of Human Excellence(THE) is based upon the very latest neuro research that analyses behaviour, the ways that humans formulate decisions and how groups collaborate, it is especially potent for application within the sales arena. These new discoveries can be integrated with existing sales processes or techniques to add a completely new dimension to the sales practices and raise the expertise of the sales team to a higher level. 

THE is ideal for any sales environment that is dependant on forming a strong relationship with the prospect or
prospect team and conveying large amounts of technical information. This is achieved by boosting Sales Executives performance by understanding their prospect plus their company using the Universal Profiling Model to ensure there is a strong match to their own personality, products, and services. The Universal Profiling Model also provides a far greater understanding of the prospects decision style, whist helping to present clear and understandable sales propositions in the appropriate style to match the prospect’s requirements. THE also allows the energy of the sale to be monitored, controlled and ultimately increased to facilitate the close. 

THE assists on an operational front by helping the Sales Team to understand the necessary aspects required for business excellence including the strategy and purpose of the prospect’s investment, together with their approach to innovation and change. THE can be adopted to augment every step within the sales process including qualification, developing the personal relationship, nurturing the sale, understanding the key values and personal agenda of the prospect, presenting the solution using the appropriate media and style, plus facilitating the close of the final contract. 

changes the landscape of current sales and marketing skills greatly extending the expertise of all involved in the sales process. It gives them additional knowledge and an insight into the way the human brain functions and how this affects individuals during the sales/purchasing cycle. THE is natural, easy to adopt and has tremendous versatility, which strengthens a company’s whole approach to sales and many other related areas such as marketing. 

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