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IT Vendors

It is becoming ever more difficult to differentiate within the IT environment. Many products are now much more mature with virtually identical functionality and features with more vendors selling the same products such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft. Certain sectors are becoming more similar to ‘commodities’ meaning it is much more difficult to win new customers. If your organisation is struggling with its sales success, adopting the Theory of Human Excellence(THE) will provide the solution by giving a new approach to the sales process, plus project and change managment

By adopting THE, ERP or IT vendors can complement and improve their sales messages by proposing a new and innovative approach to project management that includes the latest neuro-scientific developments. This allows change management or a business
improvement program to be proposed as an integrated element alongside the core product. Also, the sales team will have a unique message and sales methodology compared with the competition and their sales strategy and behaviour will set them apart. The team will also use new and advance sales techniques plus the Universal Profiling Model, which will help win more new account customers. 

THE also helps to differentiate in the project management area by providing additional elements with regards the human aspects of the project, plus using THE to focus upon delivering the business objectives that gave rise to the investment. THE helps tasks to be assigned to correct individuals via the Universal Profiling Model and if employees are designated to perform tasks and if there is a mis-match with their working style then it is identified and extra control or care can be taken. Project teams can be formed with the correct balance of skills and attitudes ensuring that a correct mix is formulated of different types to achieve the relevant goal. As team members also recognise their colleague’s style by using the Universal Profiling Model, strengths and weaknesses interaction and collaboration is greatly improved. THE therefore provides a Code of Collaboration to create a strong project team, leading to optimal performance. 
THE therefore ensures that the project does not focus just upon the technical issues but also ensures that the 
individuals affected by the change are managed alongside the standard control and governance elements. 

By introducing THE, sales will become more successful increasing new business wins. More projects will be completed that deliver their business benefits cultivating improved customers satisfaction. This will result in an increase in revenue, employee satisfaction and sustainable growth. 

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