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 THE training programs are based upon applying the Theory of Human Excellence (THE) to develop the correct attitude, skills, creativity and knowledge to allow individuals to increase their effectiveness and improve organisational competitiveness. Courses are normally company specific, which helps engage participants and encourages new business ideas, innovation and process improvements promoting the transfer of knowledge from the training to the working environment. THE content is completely natural and therefore intuitive whist being fun to learn. The training incorporates new multi-media techniques such as videos combined with revolutionary theories in areas such as human profilingmotivation, creativity, team-work and change management.This stimulating content is complemented with novel and relevant assignments to help understand and apply the theory’s tools and models within the workplace. A common language and framework for producing Human Excellence is also introduced which can be adopted to help align the organisation and improve internal communication. Through careful preparation of the content combined with novel presentation techniques plus follow on work ensures that THE training programs deliver the required results.

Each THE course abides by the following key principles and strategies:

Relevant: Association is probably the most important method the human brain uses to learn and develop new skills. Consequently, new knowledge is embraced best when it is not only interesting, but be related or connected to current practices and behaviours. Therefore, to

ensure maximum adoption of the Theory of Excellence knowledge, the course content is tailored exactly to the specific organisation’s needs using company images, pertinent exercises, and real life examples taken from the day to day situations in the business. To achieve this customisation, a preparation meeting is held with line management prior to the training to assess the participant’s needs and define the course content. The training topics and content are then customised to the specific organisation requirements focussing in upon the main training objectives and the target improvements required for the participants. This content is supported by company specific drills within applicable situations and real-life examples. This makes the course content extremely relevant and easy for the participants to relate towards ensuring maximum understanding and adoption.
Platform: Typically, the training starts with an introduction to the main concepts of the Theory of Excellence and then builds on this framework focusing in upon target objectives of the training which were defined in the preparation meeting. This introduction to THE provides a general set of principles that can be used in any area of business to improve performance and organisation efficiency. 

Interactive: The greater the audience participation the more the training
objectives are achieved. The course content therefore needs to stimulate the participants and this is achieved by using unusual approaches to deliver the content including multi-media, games, novel exercises and experiments to demonstrate the knowledge or point. Also multiple senses are aroused by using images, smells, tastes, and colours throughout the course together with the use of many natural aspects or facts which the human brains is very receptive towards.

Novel: Humans love new or innovative information especially if it is
delivered in an exciting manner. The Theory of Excellence is unique in both its approach and its content. It harnesses concepts and principles from a wide range of topics such as nature, evolution, animal behaviour that humans find fascinating and immediately relate with. Combine the unusual content with the interactive delivery and the result is a totally new and novel approach which is highly enjoyable. Most participants express a 100% rating for content originality and leave the training inspired to improve their performance using their new knowledge.

Up to date: Many other training courses are based on management content devised in the early nineteenth century. Much has changed since this time and many new discoveries have materialised from new disciplines such as neurology, genetics, behavioural psychology and evolutionary biology. The Theory of Excellence incorporates many principles and discoveries from this new research such as human neurological reward circuits, factors that influence social perception or feedback principles that determine the survival of a species. This new knowledge has been transferred and applied to management to produce content that is the very latest knowledge, strategies and techniques in the realm of business and human performance. 

Natural: Recent behavioural research has established that the human brain responds positivity to natural objects and environments. To
capitalise upon this new knowledge on the innate human predilection for nature, a rich sensory environment is used for the training and many natural elements are used throughout. Also, the media to support the presentation incorporates extraordinary images and videos of animal life in their normal habitat rather than relying on pure text based visuals to deliver message. Additional materials such as flowers, fruit and other natural elements are also used to strengthen the natural aspects of the training.

Reinforced: The training course is followed by repetition in the workplace where participants can use their newly acquired knowledge and skills strengthening their cognitive performance. Dependent on the number of employees within the program, either further visits are scheduled for THE clinics to reinforce the learning, or for smaller numbers, emails combined with telephone calls are performed with less regular face to face sessions being held. These follow-on activities and resources are designed to strengthen, sustain and extend the learning process in cooperation with the line management of the participants.

On completing a THE training course, participants take away new strategies and principles from THE’s framework and models allowing them to immediately increase their performance and improve their working practices. They also really enjoy the novel delivery of the content and leave the training enthused with new motivation and commitment to strive for excellence within their role. 

Training Courses:

Excellent Presentations
THE Introduction to Sales
Sales Master Class
Eco-Innovation Framework
Universal Profiling Model
Integrated Decisions
Peak Performance
THE Marketing Way
Change Management
THE Human side of Projects
THE Business Strategy
THE Nature of Teams
Recruiting THE Right Human

If you do not see the appropriate course title within the list above, a new course with the required content can be designed on demand to meet most business areas. For further information and costs on THE training courses please email info@theoryofexcellence.org.